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"Is that a secret door, or did somebody smash a bug on the map?"

We can't all be great artists. Some of us can't even draw a straight line. If you love to design adventure levels for role-playing games but either can't draw detailed maps or want to save time doing so, your long-awaiting solution is here:

A customizable random mapping engine for role-playing adventure creation

How customizable is EMG Mapper? It has 32 adjustable settings, including mapping density, squares per inch, and room/corridor ratio. You can control the percentages of room and corridor shape, types of exits, and the appearance of tunnels, teleporters and trapdoors. You can let the computer seed the random generator, or enter your own seed to reproduce the map at a later time. Here's a short list of some of EMG Mapper's features:

  • Generates classic dungeon-style maps in whatever configuration you choose
  • Preview any map before printing
  • Want a map with no blank space -- where every square of the grid is mapped? Set the density to 100%
  • Want the map at 4 squares to the inch? 5 squares? 20? Just change the setting
  • Don't like a lot of circular rooms or slanted corridors? Set them to 0%
  • Want a labyrinth? Just set the room/corridor ratio to 100% corridors. Want your maze to have no doors? Set the corridor exit ratio for doors to 0%. When the map is generated, it's a classic maze!
  • Use Emerald Giant's soon-to-be-released "Dungeon Crawler" to turn your maps into instant modules
Take a look at these screen shots for just a small sampling of the awesome control you have (click on each thumbnail for a full-size view, and use the back button on your browser to return to this page):

Interface screen for EMG Mapper Sample screen shot from EMG Mapper Sample screen shot from EMG Mapper Sample screen shot from EMG Mapper
Sample screen shot from EMG Mapper Sample screen shot from EMG Mapper Sample screen shot from EMG Mapper  
Key for maps created with EMG Mapper
Like its companion Dungeon Crawler, EMG Mapper is not intended to be a replacement for creativity or for the products of Wizards of the Coast or other publishers; the purpose of EMG Mapper is to aid in the creative process of creating modules and adventuring environments so that Dungeon Masters® and other gamemasters can concentrate on the more cerebral aspects of adventure creation--e.g. thinking up lethal and theoretically inescapable death traps for the characters.

This is a very powerful program, the best random adventure map creator you're ever likely to see -- and it's only $10.00! EMG Mapper is available from RGP NOW! and DriveThru RPG. So click one of the buttons below to purchase and download now, your players will thank you for it.

How to update EMG Mapper
When an update is issued it will be available for download from this website. If you are an existing EMG Mapper customer you will be notified when an update becomes available and a password for the update will be sent to you. Most updates are free of charge. A password is required to download the update program for the EMG Mapper. If you have been notified of an update but have not received your password, please contact us at and we'll get one to you right away.
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