Outnumbered? Besieged? Overwhelmed?
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Panic Not. We're here to help.
We've been gaming for a combined total of 170 years. That's a lot of dice and graph paper. During that time we've played and gamemastered just about every type of rpg, from the white box to Savage Worlds. Think of us as the grizzled veterans you see in the local game store, without the grumpiness and bad breath.
Here at Emerald Giant Games we make board games, write programs, create settings and adventures, and sell things that gamers like. But our main purpose is to make the life of the gamemaster easier.
Here's the problem that our friend above is having: no plan can survive contact with the players. They're smart, they're ruthless, and they outnumber the gamemaster by at least 2 to 1. Who will step forward to aid the beleaguered GM when the rabid XP-seeking wolves are closing in?
That would be us.
We've got original fiction to inspire you, modules and other adventure aides, quality game-related merchandise from Cafepress, and board games that we know you'll like because we made them, and we like them, and we're gamers too.
Find out more about the Dungeon Crawler and EMG Mapper
The real star of the GM-boosting show is the software. The Dungeon Crawler is the most complete gamemaster's virtual assistant and character-creator ever made for OGL games. EMG Mapper generates usable, random dungeon-level maps and numbers the rooms for you. Basically, with these two programs, all you need to GM is stamina and imagination. The programs can also work together to produce a map pre-stocked with monsters, treasure and traps, so if you're not too concerned about continuity, even imagination is optional.
We won't swallow your soul. Promise.
We hope you enjoy our website and our products. Thank you for coming.
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